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A Prayer to Our Lady, Burster of Walls

Like pushing the Incarnate One through the walled amniotic sac, you O Maryam, continue to bring down walls. Like our foremother Hannah who called on God to intrude, intervene, and invert, you too remind us that God scatters the proud in the imagination of their hearts and pulls down the works of the mighty while lifting up the humble. We beg you for your ardent intercession, to bring down this wall, and the walls of our hearts that manifest fear and separation from our God and our neighbor. With your help, we commit ourselves to dismantling what divides us, one brick, one link, one checkpoint at a time. And out of the rubble of this wall, this dividing fence, this weaponized border, we will, with the power of Our Savior, construct a doorway of hope, a bridge of peace, a pathway to mercy. Mother Mary, bring down this wall. Amen.


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