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For Healing Hands and This Sacred Land

God of wonder; God of every leaf, flower, stream of water, and human being:

you touch a thing and make it well. Give us your hands, O God; hands that heal,

nourish and cherish this sacred land. For it is in the very midst of this land you dwell.

Deliver us from temptation to desecrate, exploit and plunder for our selfish gain;

Turn us from mere convenience and instead orient our lives towards a land flowing with

clean rivers, bursting with fresh air, and laden with every color possible.

Might this be why you have anointed us? To commit to loving well

the earth, air, rivers of abundant life and every being who inhabits your splendor.

Consecrate our vow as we now commit to loving well;

Give us the hands that heal, Lord God.

Give us your hands that heal. Amen.


Credit: Melody Zhang

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