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For Imagination

Almighty God

God of both Cain and Abel 

God the wandering tent dweller

Of Hagar, Leah and Tamar

God of the enslaved, 

God of the oppressed, 

God, who sends prophets, priests, poets, philosophers and friends to console, council and commune with us

God of the refugee and sex-worker, of the rebel and the murderous adulterer, David

God who longs for justice to flow like rivers and righteousness like a never-ending stream

Take the ordinary offering of our impoverished dreams

Transform and redeem the poverty of our imagination

Give life to our limitations, caused by our own greed

Give quenching hope to the relentless lust for false comfort

Satisfy us only with your love, justice and peace - 

With your very self...until

We dream your dreams and share in the work

of making your dreams come true for all creation



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