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Creator, you see what is happening among us; No need for me to spell it out. You are the God who loves justice and yet demands mercy. You are found in the vulnerability of the most splendid flowers in the field and in the brief life of the common sparrow. You are intertwined with the great sun and moon; the powerful tides of the oceans and the stillness of the quiet, artisan spring. Today, we ask you for the same constructive anger as when you cleansed the temple, and the same mercy as when you entreated the Pharisees to join the Father’s feast. We are your eyes and ears and hands and feet: give us strength in loss, courage in darkness, humility in victory, and a human vulnerability that reflects You. Wa-do!


Credit: Rev. Dr. Randy Woodley


#justice #mercy #vulnerability #woodley #georgefloyd #minneapolis

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