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A Prayer for Toppling Confederate Idols

You, our God, are with us. You move through us and in us; 

around us and between us; 

because of us and despite us. 

You are an active God, 

whose Spirit causes empires to fall and the oppressed to go free.

The purveyors of jim crow worshipped falsehood.

Their gods are made of bronze and concrete,

the work of factories and lost causes.

Their gods have mouths, but do not call for justice;

eyes, but do not see the poor;

ears, but do not hear the truth.

They have hands, but do not heal;

feet, but do not march;

they make no sound in their throats;

hold no love in their hearts.

The erectors of false idols shall be put to shame;

so will all who defend and worship them.

Sound your trumpets of repair, our God,

then we shall cry out with a great shout; 

and monuments to evil will fall down flat, 

and reparation shall charge straight ahead.

Chant loudly, you people of God!

For our God has toppled the confederacy; 

the monuments and their white supremacy shall be devoted to our God for destruction.

Praise and glory to our living God!


Credit: Rev. Brittany "Smash" Caine-Conley


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