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Jesus, who was born in an occupied land, show us how to dismantle police occupation.

Jesus, who destroyed property in the temple, lead us to transformative destruction of property and systems

rather than people. Jesus, who challenged religious authority, give us courage to use our loud voices.

Jesus, who threw over tables, let us discern strategic disruptive action.

Jesus, who was chased to a cliff’s edge, let us be hidden from people and vehicles who would do us harm.

Jesus, who witnessed state sanctioned killings in his time, hold us in your arms and glue together with gold our shattered hearts.

Jesus, who was murdered by the state, protect us, your children.

Protect us. Protect us.

Protect us.



Holy One, this prayer is birthed from the depths of weariness of a black woman to the black woman. God, you know we are tired. You see the world restricts us. You know that we need to rest. So, today God, we declare freedom—no longer will we be mandated surrogates for a nation that cannot accept us. We will be free. Jesus comes, so we know our spirits can be free. So, God, enlighten us to recognize the presence of Heaven within our Spirit and orient us toward an everlasting freedom.  For it is so. Amen.


Jesus Christ, Son of God, who promised in your first sermon to break the chains of the oppressed and to set the prisoners free, break apart our wrecked and ruinous criminal (in)justice system. Do not let profits strangle your prophets any longer, but be with us and teach us not to tolerate these practices from this day forward. May we not only visit the sick and imprisoned but support smart legislation, protest, and incline our hearts towards rehabilitative justice and the abolition of human cages, that all may know the freedom from judgment that only Christ can bring. Amen


Kuramitsu, Kenji. 2017. A Booklet of Uncommon Prayer: Collects for the #BlackLivesMatter Movement - and Beyond. Evangelicals for Social Action.

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