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A collaborative, open access collection of

prayers for the people.



A Prayer for Justice, Mercy and Vulnerability

Creator God... Today, we ask

you for the same constructive

anger as when you cleansed

the temple, and the same mercy as

when you entreated the Pharisees 

to join the Father’s feast.

That We Might Envision a

New America

God who gathers your people

and holds them to her bosom

as a hen gathers her chicks... 

Hear the prayers of the mothers locking arms on Portland’s front lines. They chant: "Leave our kids alone!"

A Prayer for Our Lady, Burster of Walls

Like pushing the Incarnate

One through the walled

amniotic sac, you O Maryam, continue to bring down walls... We beg you for your ardent intercession, to bring down this wall.

For Community

Health and

Street Medics

Empower and guide our

street medics and community health workers; may they comfort and protect those along the way of life and truth...

Señor, tú eres presencia 

constante en medio del pueblo 

que sufre y clama... Que 

nuestras vidas sean el sacrificio perfecto para la transformación de nuestra realidad.

A Prayer for

Healing Justice

God, as our world is on fire, we

are desperate for a healing justice unshackled from any industrial complex. Empower us to build new relationships that are intersectional, embodied, and equitable.


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Movement Prayers is a collaborative, open access collection of prayers for the people.


Activism is sacred work; it’s also hard, tiring work.

Spiritual grounding makes our commitments to social activism more sustainable.


This project exists to provide free, accessible resources for movement chaplains, social healing efforts,

and anyone seeking a spiritual anchor for social change. 

All prayers featured on this website are available for free use and distribution at demonstrations,

acts of civil disobedience, as well as for use in vigils, worship services, and liturgies.


While these prayers are commonly guided by a vision for transformative social change,

theological diversity and ideological tension is both inevitable and is encouraged.


Movement Prayers was created and is managed by David F. Potter.

Unless otherwise specified, all contributions to Movement Prayers are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
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Movement Prayers is a collaborative project featuring many voices. To contribute a prayer, please include the following in a word processor file: 1) the prayer, 2) the prayer's title, 3) the primary movement/justice area, if applicable and 4) your name, including any honorifics you wish to include ("Rev.", "Dr.," etc). Prayers may be edited as necessary for length and clarity. Click the button to submit a prayer via email. 

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